Joel Moran from West Gardiner was pumping gas at the Four Corners Store when he heard screeching tires and saw an SUV out of control. 

Surveillance video at the store caught the whole thing. Joel moved out of the way just in time.

Sunday Joel was just running errands when he stopped in for gas. Maine State Police said the driver of an SUV blew through a stop sign. Another SUV going through the intersection clipped him and he lost control.

The out-of-control SUV slammed Joel's car against the gas pump and if he hadn't thought in a split second to step backwards, I'd be writing about how he was crushed.

Joel says that it seems like it would have been easy to get out of the way...but in the moment, it's not that easy. No one was hurt. The driver of the SUV, Sing Cheong Thu, was charged with not stopping at the stop sign and crews were working Monday to fix the gas pump.

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