You've heard of corn hole, but what about corn nuts?


You see, when you live with middle school boys, you hear a lot of 'nut' talk. Nuts this, nuts that. Apparently, it's the beginning of an obsession that will last a life time.

Here's what happens when you decide to bring some 11-year-old boys to 33 Elmwood in Westbrook!


Yes, make no mistake about it. That is a young boy tucked under a corn hole platform. Where his nether region is right under the hole that the bean bag goes through.

Only at 33 Elmwood would they be nice enough to not say to the young men, ' may not want to do that to your...ya know.'

They turned a blind eye as they were all very well behaved when playing the new game, Corn Nuts.

*SIDENOTE* - Corn Nuts is also a snack I used to LOVE as a kid. Corn nuts, also known as toasted corn, quico, or Cracker are a snack food made of roasted or deep-fried corn kernels. I can't stand them as an adult.


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