I love this. I love everything about this. The internet has reminded us (yet again) that it's a wild place. The poor "Hawk Tuah Girl" is plastered all over it. If you haven't seen the original interview that shot this young woman to fame, watch this:

Assuming she woke up that next morning shocked and confused to find her phone blowing up, she's most likely never going to be a normal human again. She even made it all the way to Maine, where one of my Facebook friends shared photos of these road signs in Hollis:


New England has become pretty infamous for funny road signs over the last few years. My favorites are the ones you pass on your way to Boston or anywhere in New Hampshire that yell at you to buckle up or get off your phone, often using a hilarious catchphrase. Sometimes, I feel like it backfires, because it makes me want to grab my phone and take a photo of the sign that's making me laugh. But we'll talk about that on a different day.

Either way, this dude, Dan, is out here doing the Lord's work and trying to locate who hacked these Hollis road signs (if it was a hack job). I'd like to know too, but I'd like to shake their hand for it.

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