Bras are so expensive! I've had mine like 2 months and THIS happened...there's gotta be a way around it.


I know that you are supposed to wash bras like they are new born babies. I do not. So, part of the problem is me. I know that.

But I don't have time to do laundry for 5 people and treat my bras any different than another piece of clothing. Anyway, this happened.

The little hooky thing broke. Usually, they just bend, you take pliers and fix it. But when I went to bend this it snapped and is now like a wet noodle. Bendy, bendy, bendy. And it's sewn in.

It sucks. I suppose I could just use one hook (which I am currently doing) but ugh! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Go ahead. Yell at me for not taking care of my bras. I'm already yelling at myself.


Can I fix it?

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