Doors Open, 2019

Imagine chasing a dream. A dream to open a cocktail bar for locals to feel welcomed, relaxed, and at home amongst friends or strangers who will quickly become friends. Then imagine achieving that dream. Now imagine all of that happening mere months before a global pandemic.

That's just part of the story of Cocktail Mary.

Responding to COVID-19

Like many others, once the pandemic hit, Cocktail Mary had to close their doors in mid-March 2020. Over the following months, they adjusted with online ordering of goods and cocktails and curbside pickup. Warm summer months have allowed for outdoor seating but due to the weather and the delta variant, things have been difficult for Cocktail Mary.


Owner Isaac James MacDougal decided to turn to the community for support via GoFundMe. MacDougal expressed the difficulties of operating a cocktail bar during these difficult times and the harsh reality of being on the brink of closure.

MacDougal hammers home the fact that communities like Portland need small cocktail bars like Cocktail Mary to thrive. People need these smaller establishments to make real connections and feel at home. It's these establishments who have been hurt the most after a year and a half.

The minimum need to get to the ever delicious, "Hot-Toddy Season" is $12,000 in the next month.

Thankfully the GoFundMe has surpassed that minimum and now they are trying to achieve their ultimate goal of $25,000 to continue through the winter months.


To donate to Cocktail Mary you can do so through GoFundMe here. Or if you'd like to support the establishment in person they are located at 229 Congress Street in Portland and are open Thursday through Sunday.

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