THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It's gonna hit mid-70s with no struggle today. The struggle is real at work though. Here's how you should spend your remaining daylight hours when you finally ditch the office and breathe sweet freedom.

4:00 PM Get Out Early & Walk Eastern Prom

Listen. You can leave early. Leave your bag next to your chair and make it look like you're just in the bathroom if you have to. Find a way to leave early. YOU DESERVE THIS. Then, get a little exercise after sitting in the office all day and take in the fresh ocean air on the Eastern Promenade. There's plenty of parking in the area so head there right after work and put in some steps.

4:30 PM Grab a Deck Cocktail at The Porthole

C'mon, who doesn't want to reward a long walk on the Prom with a refreshing beer on The Porthole deck? I'm a big fan of the Sea Dog Sunfish.

5:30 PM Dinner at J's Oyster

Don't call it J's Oysters. Don't call it J's Oyster Bar or even Oyster Restaurant. It's just J's Oyster. It's an insanely quick walk from The Porthole so if you're famished you won't have long to travel.

6:45 PM Grab Ice Cream at Hilltop Suprette

The ice cream shop at Hilltop Suprette opened just a few weeks ago. So after dinner and just before sundown, order a cone of Gifford's ice cream and relish in the fact that it's finally warm enough for ice cream.

7:30 PM Watch the Sunset at Fort Sumner Park

Hilltop Suprette is at the corner of North Street. Less than 0.2 miles down North Street is Fort Sumner park. It has some of the most insane views of Portland, especially at sunset. You won't be alone at the park. Expect to see some dogs and some locals soaking up the last moments of sunshine.

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