Do you know?

Had dinner at J's Oyster in Portland. Was in the mood for lobster, so I had some lobster. A couple of things were different about my lobster at J's. First, they served it with a big bowl of stuff: napkins, crackers (to open said lobster) wet naps, and scissors. Scissors? Yup. Came in quite handy too for my hard shell lobster.

And the other odd thing was the tourist centered place mat. Ya know...with instructions on how to eat a lobster. But this one also came with fun facts. Ooooo, lobster fun facts.


I knew most of these facts, except....


What? The brain is in its throat and it tastes with their feet? Lobsters have feet? I guess at the end of those delicious legs.

Does everyone know this fun fact about lobsters, because I sure didn't. Had no clue in fact. I must say that the 'grow to four feet long' was also a shocker, but if they can come blue, they can come 4 feet long too!