If you've ever had your car towed, this will make you stand up and cheer.

The driver of an SUV that was about to be towed for illegally parking outside of a Walgreens in Chicago managed to pull off the impossible: he finagled his car off the tow truck and escaped into the deep, dark night. Sure, his car hits the pavement hard, but if that's the price you pay for making sure you don't have to pay a price for being towed, then so be it.

You know you've dreamed of doing something like that, but who amongst us has the guts to pull off this maneuver?

This driver has become an instant legend, a Duke brother for our time sticking it to Boss Hogg for all to enjoy. Chicago already has a hero in Michael Jordan. Well, make some room, Michael -- this guy's heroics will also be remembered for ages.

Check out the original video below.

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