In an exciting email announcement, Hifi Donuts informed its insider following that they've officially partnered with Portland distillery and brewery Liquid Riot. After searching for the perfect locally made lager to use as a donut base, they fell in love with Liquid Riot's BOBO PIVO czech-style pilsner.

In addition to finding the perfect beer to use in their donuts, Hifi loved the fact that Liquid Riot also crafts their own spirits, and used it as inspiration for their new line of themed donuts to enjoy through the fall and winter months - in Hifi's words, "Alcohol-themed donuts! For when adulting gets hard."

Never has a slogan spoken to my single-living, booze-loving millennial self more.

Each month, Hifi will release a new donut themed after the Liquid Riot spirit used as the donut's base. You can depend on these donuts to be crafted not only creatively, but extra scrumptiously. I mean, have you *had* Hifi's donuts? Have you *had* Liquid Riot's liquor?! They're both exemplary on their own, so I can't wait for this collaboration to hit my taste buds. Follow Hifi on Instagram for updates, and join their HIFI email list for announcements, special, coupons, and more!


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