New England knows all too well the bite of horseflies and deerflies. While far easier to see with the naked eye than mosquitos, these guys land delicately enough that you don’t notice them until it’s too late and they’re already dining on your exposed flesh.

According to the Concord Monitor horseflies and deerflies are part of the Tabanidae family. Only the females bite and is brutally described as the females “drill[ing] into you with their saw-toothed proboscis.” And if you’ve ever suffered one of these bites, it’s accurate.

Peak season is coming but they’re already making their presence known.

What they Love

The Concord Monitor continues to explain that they’re attracted to movement. Not great news for those trying to enjoy a weekend camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or hiking a trail in Maine. This also explains why they tend to swarm around cars. Additionally, they like dark colors and have a particular love for the color blue. And that’s where this awesome New Hampshire dad steps in.

Life Hack

A TikToker by the name of Emily Sedona recently went viral talking about how thoughtful her dad was. She had complained to him about the horseflies she was dealing with so he sent her a kit to create a horsefly hat.

This was no joke. In fact, the father-daughter duo tested the hats out together. Spoiler alert: it worked great!

So, next time you’re out camping and see people with blue hardhats don’t question it. Show them some respect and get to working on yours too!

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