There is no question, Q fans, that we are getting hit with a heck of a storm with this Blizzard of 2015 or Winter Storm Juno or whatever they are calling it.

Being a hearty Mainah myself, I have had to drive through some of the worst winter conditions imaginable just to get to work or to the store for some milk and bread. I've driven on frozen lakes to cover news stories, through Franconia Notch without any visibility, up and down Old Orchard Beach during those tropical storms and around Sebago Lake many times. I also remember having to drive around Lake Winnipesaukee during the Ice Storm of 1998 to cover news.

So despite all of those warnings from those news reporters on TV and on Facebook to stay off the roads, I decided to see for myself just how bad the driving is right here in Portland. Check out this here video and see for yourself.


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