It's a trend that has been sweeping the nation and has now reached out front door. Getting rid of straws.


The Last Straw Movement is taking over the world because it has to. There is so much plastic trash floating in our oceans around the globe and something needs to change. In the video above, you can see just how much trash is affecting our environments. Animals in the ocean are dying because the accidentally eat this trash. Even getting rid of something we all use once a day at least will make an impact. Now the movement is reached Maine.

According to WMTW Channel 8, Sea Dog Brewing Company's location in Camden has now banned the use of straws. They will only give you a straw if you request it. They hope this will spread to all their other locations as well. They are ready to do their part to make this world a cleaner place.

How do you feel about not getting a straw with your drink at a restaurant/bar?


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