Do you cross the double yellow, or slow down behind the bikers?


When I see, coming toward me, a biker on the left side of the road, I know it will be instinctive for any car passing to want to give a wide berth. So I, as a driver on the opposite side, will also slide over (if it's safe to do so).


That way, the car coming at me doesn't:

  • hit me
  • hit the biker/pedestrian
  • or have to slow wayyyy down behind them and wait until NO cars are approaching to go around.

What do you do? Now, it IS illegal to cross a double yellow line. But if you are trying to accommodate a biker with a little extra room, shouldn't the oncoming car also be able to read the road and move over?

It's not like you are FULL onto the other lane, just a few inches over. Am I crazy to think that we can all get along and give bikers/peds a little extra room?



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