Bull Moose Music founder Brett Wickard, running what we will call a medium-sized business at this point, has seen his fair share of trends in the business of media itself as well as the economy. From all of the sky is falling arguments like " taping is going to kill the industry." To, "Streaming is going to kill the industry." His business has survived several recessions and economic downturns. How does he do it, well he told News Center Maine on Tuesday.

 "We really believe in getting to know our customers and listening and trying to view the world from their perspective," Wickard told News Center, Maine. 

The successful business owner also told the news team about them closing before the 'Stay at home order' was announced and revising the ECommerce strategy. This allowed them to supply the needs of their customers and keep the employees safe.  

Now, as the state moves to re-open, the business needs to shift policy toward re-opening as well and get people back through their doors.

Have you still patronized Bull Moose since this Pandemic broke out? Are you ready to go back to brick and mortar stores? 

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