A new survey came out this week from the travel site Big Event Travel, which does an annual ranking of the sexiest accents in the USA.

We were a little shocked to see the Maine accent came in EIGHTH PLACE. That's pretty damn good.

WE know we have saucy accents, but we didn't think the rest of the country was paying attention. Usually, folks from away are making fun of us and the wicked good way we talk. But now, it seems we are in fashion!

I believe we can thank all the great Maine-based reality shows for showing the world how appealing we really are. Thanks, Maine Cabin Masters, Tirdy Works, Down East Dickering, North Woods Law, and the rest of yuz!

The bottom three? New Jersey, Long Island, and Floridian accents. Yup, we get that.

The top three? Boston. New York. Texas (#1)

So 8th place is not bad at all? And if you need some proof, we proudly give you Mr. Man.



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