Frannie's Mini Donuts in Sanford, has their own donut critic. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.


This off camera shy, polite and often soft-spoke 'old soul' comes alive when she is in front of the camera. Mom told us that the shy 9-year-old would do puppet shows off the cuff and unscripted. That's when they noticed that she had 'zest and spunk' when she was in front of the camera.

When COVID-19 shut down the world in March, she took to Facebook Live to read to her younger classmates. Just to keep them learning and entertained through the quarantine. She created quite a following. Then, one day the family brought home some some Frannie's Mini Donuts in Sanford and she said,

Mom, we got to go live with this one!

She ended up doing a nine minute review of the donuts and the owner, Ayn, contacted them and well, as they say - the rest is history. Nine years old with a donut gig? Not too bad!

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