Sometimes this Greek has the luck of the Irish. Well,'s the luck of the Portuguese. 

So, Jen and I decided to take the Amtrak Downeaster to Boston for a weekend of fun. We even stayed overnight so we could pack more in. We had thrown a lot of spaghetti against the wall knowing we may not fit it all in...

  • The Science Museum
  • The Aquarium
  • Duck Boat Tour
  • Tour of Fenway

That tour of Fenway was first on our agenda when we got to Boston. We took the 6 am train and got into Boston around 830 am. We dropped our bags at the Omni Parker House Hotel (more on that later) and headed straight for Fenway on the T.

Here's what happened when we got there. We walked around Fenway the LONG way...oops. But everything for a reason. We came upon a lot of activity and tons of kids heading into Fenway at one of the gates we would NOT have walked by, had we gone the right way. We asked what was happening, and it just happened to be Little League day at the park. Wow! Jen asked (that Portuguese I'm married to)

Do you have to be from Boston? The gentleman then replied, 'Where ya from?'

Jen said, 'Maine.' And this guy said...'Sure...why not.'

Now here's the thing. He never did ask if any of the kids were in Little League - WHICH THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN! But there we went...right into Fenway. Here's what Little League Day included:

  • On the field access, the outside track, the dugouts and the bullpen (couldn't go in...but we were right there!)
  • throwing a ball on the field
  • free lunch (hot dog, chips, popcorn and some sort of healthy popsicle)
  • a picture with the three world series trophies!

I know...I know. I felt a tiny twinge of guilt and then I just enjoyed the best Fenway experience ever...for free!


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