Eastern Cemetery at the bottom of Munjoy Hill in Portland became a "burying ground" in 1668, and was active until the 1860s.

Now you can learn about those buried in nightly tours with Spirits Alive. There are currently nearly 7,000 people buried, with about 3,500 monuments and markers remaining.

Spirits Alive at the Eastern Cemetary YouTube
Spirits Alive at the Eastern Cemetary YouTube

Wait...I can take a tour of the Eastern Cemetary?

Yes with Spirits Alive! For eight dark nights, ghostly storytellers, some buried at Eastern Cemetery, will materialize in the cemetery to tell their own stories. According to Spirits Alive, the stories are written by Lynne Cullen, who also directed the spirits,

...as best she could—you know spirits, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.

Spirits Alive was formed in 2006 when people got to work to preserve and beautify one of the area's oldest public burial grounds, the Eastern Cemetery in Portland, Maine. It's run by an all-volunteer group, and even their board of directors consists entirely of volunteers.

So, how old is the Eastern Cemetery?

Spirits Alive at Eastern Cemetary Facebook
Spirits Alive at Eastern Cemetary Facebook

The city has grown up all around this 1668 cemetery at 224 Congress Street in Portland, Maine. The oldest historic landscape in the city, the cemetery, is home to around 7,000. The gates are normally open by the city's park rangers from Memorial Day to Labor Day (late morning until late afternoon).

Walk Among the Shadows 2023...is it super spooky?

Although the spirits are very hard to manage and known to get a little nutty, no. First and foremost, this is a historic and sacred burial ground. It's all about respecting the dead with their whimsy input during the stories. If you are easily frightened, this might not be for you. But if you are a history buff and okay with a couple of spirits, get your tickets now!

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