Hood decided that cows are increasingly unpopular - so they decided to milk oats...sorta.


Have you had oat milk? According to the Boston Globe, HP Hood created it's first stand alone plant based 'milk' with a new brand called Planet Oat. it's so popular that Amazon can't keep it in stock!

What the hell is oat milk? It's apparently from Sweden and 'is the dairy-free nectar of the proletariat — free of all major allergens, low in added sugar, with a richer, creamier taste than other plant-based “alt-milks"', 


You can get it at Hannaford. The sale of cow's milk has been declining over the years and plant based milk is booming! That's why after 173 years of milk, milk...HP Hood decided, it was time to climb on board trying to milk plants.

Which leads to the next fight over what can be called 'milk'. Since you truly can't milk an oat, should it be called milk? We'll leave that up to the dairy industry to fight that fight.

In the meantime, have you had this? I use almond milk all the time - but oat? I'll have to give it a try!




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