I don't know about you...but I'm just burnt. I often find myself just wanting to loose myself in stupid stuff. It used to be Candy Crush - until I found The Moron Test...


I know I'm not suppose to complain about 'politics' but it's exhausting. The constant barrage of stuff from the White House. I'm so tired of just trying to figure out Russia and...everything.

I love my job - but it's also been exhausting. I'm not complaining, just trying to keep up.

I love my family - but they are exhausting. I know why mom's put wine in sippy cups.

Well, if you too find yourself just numb at times and unable to function, here's a stupid little thing to put the nail in your coffin of burnt outness.




I downloaded the app and then realized, oops - I forgot to eat dinner because I was taking the Moron Test...over and over again.

Sometimes it's okay to just veg out. It's nice to forget that the world around you sometimes feels like you are walking in cement...uphill...carrying a 50 pound bag of potatoes...with an eyelash in your eye.



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