A few years ago, escape rooms suddenly boomed in popularity across the United States. Several different businesses opened here in Maine, offering all kinds of different variations on the concept. Whether it's escaping from an old cabin in the woods, a wizard's castle, or an ancient Egyptian tomb, there was something for almost anyone. But what about Christmas? Well, if you're looking to make your escape room visit festive, Escape Room Brunswick has you covered with a new adventure.

Escape Room Brunswick
Escape Room Brunswick

The new concept is called Christmas Attic, where you and your family/friends will attempt to outsmart the Grinch and return the gifts the Grinch has stolen to save Christmas. You'll be doing all of this without waking your parents up of course. This particular escape room was designed for families to participate in together, ages 8 and up and welcome to accept the challenge.

Typically, escape rooms get pretty serious and the pressure mounts as the timer starts ticking away. This particular escape room is meant for a more easy going and light hearted experience. The room is big enough to handle parties of between 4-8 people, as long as you're prepared to bring some holiday cheer.

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