I visited Lone Pine Brewery in Portland for the first time over the weekend, and with the pet friendly policy, the big screen projection of the Winter Olympics and the delicious beers, I think I found my match. What cinched the deal, though, was their collection of games that included my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME. I picked up the first card and read out loud:


...come again? "Is Lou having a stroke mid-blog?" you might ask. Nay, friends. Try that once more, maybe out loud this time.


You... har-dy juan for... me

You. are. the one. for me.

Check it out!! Mad Gab, if you've never played before, is a life-changing experience. Your partner has to listen to you read a series of words that make up a common phrase of different words, like "you are the one for me" above. Players who find a groove of drunk slur/Russian accent, which I excel at, are most successful at the game. Blending the words, placing emphasis in different places, and tripping over yourself a little bit actually help with comprehension, unlike in ordinary life.

There is one problem with this game. After playing it for an hour or so, I find myself transferring that drunk Russian speech pattern into daily life. It may not be the best side effect of a game in all settings. That being said however, it's still a hilarious, underrated game and if you find yourself in Lone Pine or any other establishment that offers it, crack it open and get your drunken Russian face on.


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