I went to Hannaford on Forest Avenue (my Hannaford) and was just gonna run in when I saw an older man in trouble...



I was going to just pop into Hannaford for a couple of items before driving up north on vacation. It was hot as hell.

I found a great parking spot close and was walking up near the bench where the bus stops. That's when I saw an older man who was obviously having trouble. I asked him if he was okay (expecting him to say yes) and he said, 'No!'

I was about to ask if I should call 911, as he looked VERY distraught. But that's when he said that there were no taxis! It was going to be a couple of hours before one showed up.

I was relieved that he wasn't ill. I suggested Uber. This poor guy didn't know what that was. I said I could get an Uber for him, but then thought out loud, 'Wait. I'd have to pay for it!'

That's when 79-year-old Gary said, 'How much...I'll give it to you.'

I asked him where he lived and he said Sherman Street in Portland. I know Sherman Street. A gorgeous street with a lousy rep. I said, 'Come on. I'll take you home.'

I loaded his groceries and put him in the front seat. I apologized, as my AC wasn't working and again, it was hot as hell. He was fine with that.

I parked, carried his groceries to his door - found out his name was Gary and he was diabetic and very hungry. He was happy to be home to have a turkey sandwich.

I was running late as it was...but how could I NOT have given Gary a ride? But I did wonder...would anyone else have done that?  Should I have? I didn't know Gary, but he looked harmless...and was. Just an old man who needed a ride.

I'm glad I did.


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