Of all the foods in the cafe and deli department at Hannaford Supermarket in Portland, this is the one thing that seems more elusive than McDonald's McRib, and I finally got some this week!

Both Lori and I rave about the Santa Fe rolls served in the hot foods bar at Hannaford Supermarket on Forest Avenue in Portland. Not the one on outer Forest Avenue, but the big one sandwiched between Forest and Preble Street near Back Cove.

These egg roll like wraps are stuffed with all sorts of southwestern ingredients like beans, corn onions and just enough spice to make them absolutely delicious.

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The only problem is they aren't a regular item in the hot food bar. Typically it's filled with a variety of flavored wings, but not this past Thursday! It's like I had spotted the Holy Grail and had to let Lori know they were here by texting her a picture.

Grabbing them all sounded like a good plan, but I wasn't about to be the guy that grabs three containers and completely empties the bar of ever single Santa Fe Roll. If someone did that just as I noticed them, I would have to hold myself back from beating them over the head with the serving tongs.

Seriously though, if you ever spot these at your local Hannaford Supermarket, get them! you will not be dissapointed. And if you ever happen to see them in Portland, RED ALERT! Let me know and I will stop everything to rush over and grab some. (Don't let Lori know though.)