Binga's is known for a lot of things. Take for instance their delicious wings, amazing sauces, their always hilarious roadside sign in Windham, and apparently they're known for being a good parking lot to run naked through. Although, I'm sure that's the last thing they'd recommend.

There I was minding my own business scrolling TikTok when this video popped up from Binga's and I about died laughing.

They say in the video that it's a regular so my guess is that they were having some serious, albeit cold, fun.

I do have several questions, however, for this individual:

Is this the first time you've gone streaking?
How drunk were you?
Weren't you cold?
Would you do it again?
Have you done it more than once?
What is your go-to Binga's order?
Are you a fan of the movie Old School?

There are plenty of dining and takeout establishments I enjoy but never once have I considered taking off all my clothes and running around in their parking lot. Perhaps I have been living incorrectly this whole time.

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