We were driving back from the county when we saw a moose! Very exciting...but not as exciting as this unsuspecting bicyclist in Alaska!


This mama moose was just protecting her young and this poor rider was just out for a ride on his bike. Call it a miscommunication...all caught on video!

Not only was it all caught on video, but a TV camera crew was nearby and came upon the scene to protect the biker!

Here's the good news. This was on trail near Glenn Highway in Anchorage. They shut the trail down until the mom and her two kids could make it out safe.

Now...granted, not as exciting - but it's always a thrill to see a moose and we did coming back from the county. I'm gonna say we were in TR something...because I know we were in the middle of nowhere.


I love moose....and this and a giant woodpecker were the best wildlife on our long weekend. No pics of the woodpecker, but that sucker was as big as a dog! A small dog, but still....

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