Driving around Maine, and it doesn't matter where, there are just so many poor little dead animals on the side of the road. But why...


According to the Portland Press Herald:

Sarah Haggerty, a conservation biologist at Maine Audubon, said squirrels and other animals do have these “population irruptions,” which means a population spike associated with favorable environmental conditions. In the case of the squirrels, it seems plentiful food sources and protective snow cover over the winter are contributing to the irruption, she said. During the past two to three weeks, young squirrels have been venturing out in their habitats, which are often bisected by roads.


And that, unfortunately, means some are not making it across those roads!

Then bigger animals are also having a feast, because they feed on the little guys and it's a friggn' buffet out there!

Good news...I'm not crazy. At least for a lot of these little guys, you can't get there from here.


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