Maine's new most popular liquor, Fireball, brought it's A-game earlier this year when it introduced the Fireball Party Bucket, but there's something you should be warned about after the party.

In case you haven't see it, the Fireball Party Bucket is a plastic bucket filled with 20 Fireball nips with enough room left over to pour in some ice. It's fantastic and worth every penny when you want to enjoy Fireball shots with friends. However, you need to avoid the problem I ran into after the party was over.

I filled my bucket with ice and brought it down to the campfire with friends. We tossed a few nips back and had a great time. When it was over, there were still several nips left in the bucket, so I just put the whole thing in the freezer until next time. That was a mistake.

This weekend I reached into the freezer to grab it and found that the ice had melted enough and refrozen to encase all the nips in ice like the discovery of Captain America.

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So now what was I going to do? I couldn't microwave it, because plastic. I tried pulling them out, but no good. I could wait until the ice melted, but I wanted nips now! So I bashed it on my deck and two of them freed themselves skirting across the floor. Good enough for now!

Of course after the fact I realized that some hot water would take care of this in no time.

So remember this lesson kids. Don't leave half melted ice in your Fireball Party Bucket and put it back in the freezer. Instead, empty the bucket of the remaining ice and water, put the nips back in, and re-ice them when you're ready for the next party.

You're welcome.

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