I was perusing Instagram the other day and stumbled upon an account that made me want to stop everything and watch his videos for the rest of the day.

If you're not already following @teaganwright to scratch your Mainer entertainment itch, get out ya phone, bub. Needless to say, Teagan is a born-and-raised Mainer who now hosts Maine adventure travel series called From Away and brings his sense of humor and Harpswell fishing outings to social media for our enjoyment.

Be prepared to lose yourself in his feed full of solid Maine hilarity and comedic characters... shown below, we've got storytime with toddler-voiced crime fighter Crystal Clear, largely NSFW-worded weather and fishing updates from the Sternman's Log, the Russian, and gags/commentary in everyday contexts up in Harpswell, Maine.

Instagram and facebook aren't the only places to catch Teagan's comedy - his adventure series From Away is currently airing its first season on Maine's CW and WMTW on Saturdays at 7:30. You can watch his episodes so far on the From Away website. Here's a clip of him learning all about Maine organic farming and cow $#!*

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