Summer is just around the corner and the small handful of you who are preparing your summer bods or - HA! - still maintaining your new year's resolution of clean eating, you're gonna have to up you exercise regimen because these instagram accounts will serenade your with a song of temptation.

First up, if you're looking to avoid gorgeouslyl plated and expertly filtered photos of food, whatever you do, DON'T follow @theportlandmefoodie. This recent pic from Hot Suppa makes me want to throw out all the responsible snacks in my fridge and walk down Congress this minute.

Next up, I don't care if you delete the instagram app or yeet your phone in the toilet, but if you're attempting to avoid the siren's song about chicken and waffles, then keep the eff away from @portlandfoodmap's page.

@Frannieeatsmaine rivals the above with this pic of pickle-graced poutine from Side By Each Brewing Co., along with - um - every other single picture on her account. Damn, girl. Why you do dis.

You're no doubt heard that $3 Dewey's is back with a vengeance, and @fatandhappyadventures is there to document the foodie side of things. If you respect your calorie count, ex out of this page before you look below...

Oh, gee, thanks a lot @thefoodphotojourney, I was thiiiiiiis close to having a salad for lunch. Now I'm stuck salivating at your feed full of delectable treats. The sandwich featured below is one of the healthier items featured...

In general, I recommend avoiding any foodie instagram account if you're trying to stay focused on a diet of any sort. In fact, steering clear of the hashtag "#mainefoodie" will bode your weight loss plan well. Your feed will be filled with tantalizing close-up glamour shots of meals in Maine. It's a huge mistake.

Unless, ya know, you start your diet back up tomorrow and live a little. Yeah, we'll do that.


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