There's only one of them in all of Maine, but that's about to change. A new restaurant is moving into the old TGI Friday's location in Auburn. 

What's with TGI Friday's in Maine anyway? There was one in Portland, it moved to South Portland and then shut down. The one in Auburn lasted only seven years. Mainers don't seem to care for it.

IHOP though? That's a different story!

The South Portland IHOP has been in one location or another for years and is one of the most successful IHOP's in New England. I know when I go there for a tall stack on a Sunday morning the line is out the door.

Now Auburn is going to get one too in the old TGI Friday's location on Turner Street near the Auburn Mall.

According to and interview with The Sun Journal, the IHOP franchisee says he's planning to open up on September 1st after a $300,000 renovation of the old TGI Friday's building. If it's successful, up to five more may open up in Maine.

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