Maine is a giant state filled with woods, potatoes, blueberry fields, more woods, and just a handful of notable cities, not to mention tons of camps, lakes, and tiny towns. There's a lot to visit in this state and a lot to get to know. After posting on reddit asking for suggestions of favorite underrated places from local Mainers, Pennsylvania resident and talented artist u/giraffehavingapicnic shared a breathtaking illustration of a Maine map showcasing all of the research he had completed on Mainers' favorite lesser known locations.

In his Imgur collection of the map's closeups, you can take a good look at the intricate details of Maine's underrated places.


Up north is a whole lot of nothing, also knows as the "North Maine Woods" (kinda reminds me of the land north of the wall in Game of Thrones... Winter is coming!)

As you move farther east or closer to the coast, more towns, notable geographical and man-made landmarks crop up, like "The Boy and the Boot," Shaw's Hiker Hostel, The World Traveler's Singpost, and tons more that even a born and raised Mainer wouldn't have heard of.

Check out the map and follow the artist's original Reddit post for updates; he wrote that he plans to sell prints in the near future, so you could even get your hands on a copy of this glorious underrepresented map of Maine.

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