What is 'Storrowing'?

Before we talk the almost accidental Fluffernutter Festival that happened, you need to know what "Storrowing" is. And honestly, the most hilarious definition of "Storrowing" is currently on Urban Dictionary, listed as "Storrowed":

Putting a 12'6" truck under a 10'6" bridge. Common in Boston MA. Storrowing Season is usually during late August and Early Sept when College kids that cannot read attempt to navigate their way through the Corn maze roadways of Bahstahn. (Boston) The rest of the year 'Storrowing' occurs by Canadian Commercial Drivers.

And if somehow you need a video definition -- well, there's plenty because it happens at least once a week.

Now that you know what "Storrowing" is, we can get into the almost-Fluffernutter Festival that randomly happened down in Mass last week, in the most ironic town (which will make sense in a second.)

Because last week, not on Storrow Drive but instead in Somerville, Massachusetts, according to the Boston.com Instagram page, a tractor trailer was jammed under an overpass on McGrath Highway (Route 28).

And according to that Boston.com Insta post, the tractor trailer was carrying about 35,000 pounds of peanut butter. And that's where the irony kicks in.

The Scran Line via YouTube / Towfiqu Barbhuiya
The Scran Line via YouTube / Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Fluff was invented in Somerville, Massachusetts

According to Boston.com on their Instagram post, Marshmallow Fluff was created in Somerville and first sold to the public there back in 1917. And you have to think that since Fluff originated in Somerville, so did the Fluffernutter.

(By the way, this article won't include a definition of a Fluffernutter because if you live in New England and you have no idea what a Fluffernutter is, you need to start house hunting and leave immediately.)

So, there's no possible way that after hearing that a tractor trailer filled with peanut butter was stuck in the hometown of Fluff, residents (especially since Mass school vacation was last week) didn't get tempted to run to McGrath Highway with jars of Fluff ready to rock and roll.

Or make their own to get a homemade Fluffernutter feel.

Even better? Somerville actually does hold an annual Fluff Festival. According to the official Instagram, the 18th annual Fluff Festival will be held on September 23 from 3p-7p, if you're interested.

And they're currently looking for a Fluff Fest Coordinator if you're interested. Or obsessed with Fluff.

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