With the arrival of this year's Holiday Tree in Monument Square in Portland, the city is getting ready to kick off the holiday season with the Holiday Tree Lighting. Back in 1939, when the city when the city still called them Christmas Trees, there was not just one tree in Monument Square. There were four!

This photo posted by the Facebook group Portland Maine History 1786 to Present shows Monument Square back before it was totally reconstructed in the mid-1980s, with a Christmas Tree on each side of the monument.

The square was still open to traffic then as cars would circle the grassy island that the monument stood in as they negotiate traffic coming and going on Congress Street and Middle Street. Middle Street used to run from the traffic circle at the monument down to where Middle Street now becomes Park Street. When the square was reconstructed and One City Center was built, this section of Middle Street and the traffic circle were bricked over for pedestrian traffic only.

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