This seems to be a sign that things aren't changing the right way...


While upta camp in Aroostook County, it seems that Covid has just made its first appearance. Last year at camp, it seemed like there was no such thing as Covid. There were hardly any masks worn, and signs at little food stands indicated that you DID have to wear a mask, but only because it was mandated by the state.

But this summer, while the world starts to reopen, Northern Maine was slipping backward. This dress and matching mask set at the Walmart in Houlton was a big clue.


They are dresses that come with matching masks! That doesn't say the world is reopening! That says, keep wearing your mask and while you're at it, you might as well be fashionable.

While I was upta camp, a local restaurant/market/gas station shut down due to Covid. Closed the doors. I'm afraid that Northern Maine may be getting hit with the Delta variant right about the time we should all be celebrating with no masks. According to the New York Times, Aroostook County is considered 'very high risk' of getting covid if you are unvaccinated.

I've been in Maine for almost 35 years. The first 30 I had never stepped foot in 'the county'. Now I consider it my second home. I just hope that people stay safe because as much as we'd like it to not be true, Covid is still very much alive and well...

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