It was a unanimous vote to start charging for parking.


According to WMTW, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council finally voted to start charging for parking. They've tried before, but it has never passed. Those days are gone. It will cost you at least 4 bucks to visit, because it's $2 per hour with a minimum two hour charge. You can also get a $10 full day pass or a seasonal pass for $15.

They will have parking kiosks set up across the park to cover about 300 parking spaces. If you live in Cape Elizabeth, good for you! You get in free, but you need to get a pass from the Police Department.

They will charge for parking between May 1 and Nov. 1, and could collect around $300,000 for the town.

The question is - will it stop you from going? Or will you suck it up? I'm thrilled that tourists will have to pay, but not that thrilled that I have to also.


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