Last night I sat at home knowing that the Oscars were on and wondering if anyone cared.

I am not sure if it was from my own apathy or if I could pick up on the overall fatigue most middle-class people in the country have with those who are out of touch.

I was never going to get a national answer for that, so I went to the Q Facebook page and said point-blank, "Let's have a real conversation, do the Academy Awards still excite you?"

Seventy-seven comments later, the answer was an overwhelming no, at least from the people in Southern Maine anyway.

There were comments from "nothing about Hollywood interest me anymore" to "I would rather watch paint dry."

Facebook Screenshot

One of the big reasons I was not a fan of the Oscars is because none of the movies I like get nominated.

I am huge into the MCU with Iron Man, the Avengers, etc. I always read in these Hollywood Reports that the people who vote for the Oscars don't consider those types of movies 'real cinema.'

That's hogwash, as most of the actors in that series have won Oscars or Emmys in other roles, and they are bringing that same skill back to the big screen to breathe life into my childhood comic book heroes. Are you going to discount my experience as well as millions of other fans because some old guy can't get over the fact that superheroes are a fascination?

I am not going to go into a full on tirade here, but the bottom line is if you want to keep nominating movies very few people have seen or care about, don't expect people to watch your show.

Oh, and by the way, I got my validation with this news report. BOOM!

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