The start of spring may have hit Maine hard with heavy wet snow that caused power outages and took lots of trees down, but lucky for us, all that snow melted away pretty quickly.

Now the grass is starting to grow, the birds are chirping, the frogs in the ponds are peeping, and another sign of spring is upon us: drive-in movie theaters are preparing to open for the season, and Bridgton Twin Drive-in has announced its opening day and what will be playing.

A drive-in is a great place to see movies. Forget your surround-sound theater system and 4K TV. There's something about the experience of watching a movie outdoors with the family in your car that you can't get anywhere else.

The only drawback to drive-in theaters is that you have to wait for the mud season to pass. All those cars will tear up the ground of a drive-in if it's too early, so opening day is always dependent on the weather.

Because of that, only one screen will be available on opening weekend (April 26-27).  Times have not been announced yet, but will be in the coming days.

What's playing on Screen 2 opening weekend? Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. It's the fourth movie in the original Ghostbusters film series, with the original cast and returning cast from Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

And Godzilla and King Kong are back in a movie that also has "Empire" in the title: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Keep an eye on the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Facebook page for more info on opening weekend coming soon.

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