The last few years have been a roller coaster ride for Maine’s small businesses.

Between the pandemic restrictions of 2020, the supply chain issues, inflation, and the difficulty of finding employees, many businesses have been dealing with one hardship after another.

Even though things are better than they were four years ago, some businesses still have not bounced back.  Unfortunately, this has led to some business owners making the difficult decision to close their doors.

Sadly, it looks like this trend has claimed another Maine brewery.

josefhu15 / Unsplash
josefhu15 / Unsplash

Gneiss Brewing Company

The team at Limerick’s Gneiss Brewing Company brewed their first batch of beer in September 2013.  Back then, Maine’s craft brewing culture was just taking off.  According to their Facebook page, they were the 37th licensed brewery in Maine.  Today, just over a decade later, there are over 160 breweries in Maine.

Their Facebook page explains that the founders' goal was to brew beers that were different from other Maine craft beers.  Instead of super dark or hoppy beers, Gneiss brews pilsners, lagers, and hefeweizens.

Sadly, the craziness of the last four years has taken its toll on the owners and staff of the brewery.  They have announced that they will soon be closing for good.

A post on their Facebook page says, in part:

Over the last 4 years Gneiss has suffered the hardships COVID brought to the hospitality industry followed by supply chain shortages, inflation, and an ever evolving employment scene. We have also dealt with numerous health issues that have left us with little help to operate and grow at the rate we wished we could.

Additionally, the post goes on to thank those who contributed to the brand’s success.

At this point, they have not yet set a closing date.

Until they close, the tasting room will be open from noon to 6 PM on Saturdays.  You can learn more about the brewery from their website.

We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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