If you live in an area long enough, you are sure to see many businesses come and go.

Sometimes, these businesses are only around for a few years.  Sometimes they are around for so long that they become 'heritage' or 'iconic'.  They become such a staple of a community that you could not imagine your town without them.

Could you imagine Central Maine without Hussey's General Store, Lisa's Restaurant, The Red Barn, or the Waterville Opera House?  Neither can we.

However, sometimes these iconic businesses do close.

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'Last Call' at Chez Paree

Postings on the bar's Facebook page give the impression that Waterville's Chez Paree has closed its doors permanently.

Based on posts and photo galleries posted online, it appears that the last night for the iconic bar was Friday, Aril 12, 2024.

We reached out through social media for a direct confirmation, but have not received a reply.  No word was given for why the Chez Paree era was coming to an end, and there is no word on what will happen with the property.  Additionally, we have not seen any indication that the business is for sale.

The Chez is a part of Central Maine history

The Chez prided itself on being the last real bar in Waterville.  It was the kind of place where everyone was welcome and everyone knew your name.  Many of the bar's customers had been regulars for decades.

The intro on one of the bar's Facebook pages says:

This is the last real bar in Waterville for locals and anyone else...we try to make everyone feel at home! Come get your shots at the chez

In recent years, the bar was known for the variety of events it hosted, including Halloween parties, pool tournaments, well-known local DJs (like DJ Doze and DJ Swails), and parties for regular customers.

In business for decades, the bar was visited by many nationally known tourist musicians.  According to an article from the KJ, the bar had been visited by Janis Joplin, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Edgar Winter, John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band, and KISS's Ace Frehley.

We wish everyone involved with the establishment all the best with their future endeavors.

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