If you're in or near Central Maine, chances are you've visited or at least heard of the famous Mexican Restaurant, El Agave.

Unfortunately, they had to close their doors temporarily due to a situation with the sprinklers.

Here's what we know

El Agave, one of Maine's most popular and beloved Mexican restaurants, posted online that they will be closing their doors until further notice.

The sudden closure is due to the activation of the kitchen sprinklers. As a result, thorough cleaning and inspection are required before reopening.

A commenter on the post asked whether the leaked substance was chemical or carbon sprinklers, or just water. Fortunately, El Agave responded, clarifying that it was only water.

According to their Facebook, they reassured us that they are currently working diligently to received an inspection and reopen to the public as soon as possible.

El Agave is situated at 58 Stephen Drive in Augusta, Maine. We'll be monitoring the situation closely and keeping our fingers crossed for a swift reopening, especially since they've just announced their updated menu launch!

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