We are fortunate to live in an area where acts of kindness are more of the rule than the exception. Every day in and around Central Maine, we seem to hear stories of selfless people paying it forward in the very best ways possible.

And one of these recent stories is most certainly worth sharing.

Yesterday while I was perusing the Facebook feed following the daily drama, something popped up on my screen that wasn't drama at all... in fact, it was the complete opposite.

A friend of mine, and manager at the Augusta, Maine, Lamey Wellehan (or 'Lamey's' as true Mainers call it), had posted about something really amazing that unfolded at her store.

Katie said that while she was at work, a couple had come into the store asking to purchase not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5.... well you get it. The point is, this couple wanted to purchase THIRTY pairs of boots and shoes.

No, not for themselves, but for kids who needed them at the elementary school in Belgrade.

Katie Shaw, Facebook
Katie Shaw, Facebook

Did they have to do that? Absolutely not. Did they do it anyway? Absolutely they did. And, the staff at Augusta's Lamey Wellehan were more than happy to assist these angel customers.

We're not sure exactly who they are or where they're from, but from all of us here... THANK YOU. You are a shining example of all the things RIGHT with the world. Your good deeds certainly don't go unnoticed, even if you wanted them to ;)

Original poster and store manager, Katie Shaw, said in her Facebook post on Monday,

You guys…
We had a generous, loving, caring and extremely thoughtful couple come into Lamey Wellehan Shoes in Augusta and purchase 30 pairs of boots/sneakers for the elementary school in Belgrade. I’m speechless and my eyes are welling up. Man I love these moments when people give from the goodness of their hearts.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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