Remember back in the day when internet was a luxury afforded to only upper-class Americans? Well, those times are way back in the rearview mirror as highspeed internet service is now a must-have for almost all Americans.

Whether you're working from home or just need to be able to stream your favorite tv shows and keep your Ring Door Bells online, highspeed and reliable internet service is arguably more important now than it ever has been.

Praveen Kumar via Unsplash
Praveen Kumar via Unsplash

That's why some people were angered to learn that Spectrum, owned by parent company Charter Communications, is planning to increase its rates on some of the most popular plans beginning at the end of January.

According to an article published by News Center Maine, the increase in rates will take place on January 30th.

What's more? These rate hikes appear to be targeted at plans designed for low-income consumers.

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

The news station went on to explain that the rate increases will affect several different TV and internet packages with a range increase of 25-30%.

What does this mean for the average Spectrum customer? Let's break it down.

News Center Maine explained that for customers who are currently utilizing the cheapest internet package, Spectrum Internet Assist, the price will jump from $19.99 monthly to $24.99.

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The TV Essentials plan will jump from $24.99 to $29.99, a difference of $5 per month. For more information on other packages that will see an increase in internet and tv pricing, click here to see the breakdown.

Charter Communications Vice President of Communications, Lara Pritchard, said in part about the upcoming rate changes, in the news station article:

"Spectrum has taken a stand for a new, customer-focused model that provides more value and choice for video entertainment when negotiating all of our programming agreements. Despite these ongoing efforts, programmers continually raise fees for their content, which are passed through as increased fees to viewers and drive higher costs across the entire industry."

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