I am one of the hundreds of thousands of people that have lost power due to the historic Grinch Storm on Monday, December 18, in Maine. I am a resident of Lewiston and have been very affected by the outages.

Thankfully, my family and I are safe and didn't get hurt, but this is an awful situation to be in. I have learned through this that I can live without electric, WiFi, TV, but having no heat is something that I never thought I would experience.

My wife and I have 17 blankets on our bed and do not have a generator and it's been a challenge to stay warm in our home.

I am also on the CMP Facebook a lot and boy, they are getting a lot of mean comments.

So, I say to you... how dare you? If you have anger towards your own circumstances, there is no reason to be cruel to others. I may not have gotten much sleep this week, and I may be cold, but I would never use a public platform to point the finger at others.

Dear CMP & all other crews coming to Maine's aid,

During this historic windstorm that plunged the entire state into darkness, you have shown unwavering resilience. Our state was faced with a massive outage, are you have become our unsung heroes who have worked tirelessly and around the clock to restore power to every affected household.

I've been watching closely and we all have seen you battling tough and dangerous conditions. You line workers displayed unwavering commitment to us in order to restore our electricity.

The sense of duty is obvious and your commitment to us underscores your essential contribution to restoring normalcy and providing a beacon of hope during challenging moments.

Love, Lizzy Snyder

Furthermore, the impact of this storm has resulted in significant losses for numerous people. Evacuations have been carried out across Maine due to the dangerous rising water levels, adding to the challenges faced by many families.

As a consequence, this holiday season may be different for many children and families, as well as our struggling homeless population. If you want to help people displaced by the storm, consider heading to your local town's website and Facebook pages to identify donation opportunities.

Amidst the difficulties, it's crucial not to direct frustration or anger simply because of our own distress. Let's channel our collective energy towards supporting one another during these tough times.

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