Nearly a month has passed since that fateful day, a day that changed the lives of everyone in Lewiston and across the entire state of Maine.

On that tragic and unforgettable day, one man took it upon himself to claim the lives of 18 souls and inflict injuries on many others.

Today, is a joyous day as we celebrate a survivor who has officially been discharged from Center Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, according to WGME.

According to the article, the halls were lined with doctors, nurses, staff, and friends to send off the amazing warrior who survived the attack. Team members put their hands upon their hearts as a gesture of love and solidarity as the patient was discharged.

As the article states, two more victims are still in the hospital in stable condition.

This tragedy struck our state like a wrecking ball, but we are now slowly picking up the pieces and attempting to heal, together.

Not a single day will pass without us reflecting on the events that unfolded in Lewiston. The memory of those who lost their lives will endure in our hearts forever.

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