Finding an auto repair shop that you can trust to take care of your vehicle’s needs and keep it affordable is something that’s important for all drivers.

There’s a good chance that you went to pick your car up after it had been serviced, and were handed an invoice that blew your mind. There are three reasons off the top of my head that this could have happened:

  1. The auto repair shop is overpriced.
  2. The auto repair shop found things that “needed repair” that were actually in proper working condition.
  3. The auto repair shop did the needed repairs, and unfortunately, they just turned out to be expensive at no fault of theirs.

I have always been very selective on who takes care of my vehicle. Not just for financial purposes, but for quality of work.

3G’s Tire, which started out in 1942 as Dire Tire, has been family-owned-and-operated since 1984. They moved their longtime location on Fox St over to Veranda St. near the Portland-Falmouth line several years back.

Rob Riccitelli
Rob Riccitelli

I was referred to them over a decade ago, and as a result, found my lifelong mechanics. Josh, Dave, and the crew are highly skilled and have always treated my vehicle as if it were their own. They are also only going to fix what needs to be fixed, and I have found their rates to be very fair.

I recently had a recall on my vehicle, so I brought it into the service department. Of course they took care of the issue at no charge. They also provided me with a list of repairs that my vehicle needed, along with an estimate. This piece of paper sent me into a bit of an anxious state of mind, as the estimate was over $5,000.

Without even thinking about it, I brought it into 3G’s. They looked it over and told me from their expertise, the two major (and most expensive) issues were not issues that required repair at this time. They also noticed that I needed new brake pads, which was not discovered prior. They conducted the few needed repairs, and I was on my way for under $1,000.

In closing, I’m sure there are many auto shops in Southern Maine that fit the description of 3G’s Tire. I am just simply sharing my experience with them, and maybe by doing so, helping other people also find an auto shop with integrity, affordability, and skill.

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