After a lengthy wait, Maine's very first Costco location has officially opened in Scarborough. People have visited in droves, with lines of excited shoppers looking to snap up deals on clothing, food, and accessories.

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But based on a recent Reddit post, there's some items shoppers are curious about. Specifically, alcohol. The new Costco location in Scarborough doesn't sell any liquor right now. And if they do eventually sell liquor at that location, shoppers looking for discounts are going to be met with a harsh reality.

That reality is that not even big box stores can bypass the rules put into place on liquor pricing in Maine. The Pine Tree State is one of 18 states in the nation that regulates the listing and pricing of distilled spirits within its borders.


So what does that mean exactly? It means that everything from vodka to whiskey to rum has their price set by the Maine Liquor and Lottery Commission. If the general store in your town sells spirits, you'll find the same pricing structure as you would at a place like Costco or Walmart.

For many years, Maine has been in competition with New Hampshire when it comes to liquor sales. New Hampshire gained a reputation for offering significant discounts on liquor at their stores, and Maine has worked hard to reverse the idea that Maine stores don't offer similar discounts.

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While pricing on liquor is regulated state-wide, beer and wine is not. You'll find a wide range of pricing from corner stores to supermarkets.


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