One of the true signs of spring and outdoor weather here in Southern Maine is the beginning of Farmer's Market season. Sure, there are indoor options in the colder months, but there's nothing like strolling around a park and checking out wonderful local goods and produce.

One of the most popular markets is just about to open up for the 2024 season. Are you ready to start your Saturdays at the park?

Portland Maine Farmer's Market via Facebook
Portland Maine Farmer's Market via Facebook

The Portland Farmer's Market has listed the opening dates for the 2024 outdoor season. The event opens on Saturday, April 20, and is expected to run into late November. That's an amazing seven months of outdoor market season here in the largest city in the state. Not a bad length of time at all.

The Portland Farmer's Market is open every Saturday and Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. It's located at Deering Oaks Park. The opening time shifts to 8 a.m. once the calendar hits November.

Portland Maine Farmer's Market via Facebook
Portland Maine Farmer's Market via Facebook

This will amazingly be the 256th year of the Portland Farmer's Market. According to its website, the Farmer Market dates all the way back to 1768 when the city first voted for a public market to be used to help the 100+ families in Portland.

And now, nearly 260 years later, the market is a part of the city's true character, and even a tourist attraction.

There are few outlets that better represent local farmers and artisans than the Portland Farmer's Market, and its success has helped motivate other communities to start their own markets.

While the outdoor opening date is still a few days away, you can still enjoy the Portland Farmer's Market indoor location. Located at 631 Stevens Ave, the indoor market is open on Saturday's from 9am-1pm through April 12.

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