New England is Counting Down to Fried Clam Season

In the late winter, New Englanders start to salivate, because we know it's almost fried clam season.

Heaven's Gates will open up, and so will the doors of many friend clam restaurants in the area, including one recommended by Guy Fieri as the WORLD's BEST.

That would be Farnham's Fried Clams in Essex, Massachusetts.

Farnham's Fried Clams (from first-hand taste) are very, very good.  From the time that I saw the yellow sign that looks like it has been there for a very long time until the moment I put one in my mouth, I knew I had found one of the places that God put on this Earth just for me.

According to and Guy Fieri, Farnham's has the best in the entire world.

See, Guy Feee-yetti and I like to eat.  We've got that in common.

Of course, Farnham's has other seafood on the menu, and you CAN get other things like a hot dog or a burger. But don't go to Farnham's and get one of those and tell me about it.  Just keep that to yourself.  You should go for the fried clams.

Your two pals, Guy Fieri and I, love them.

I mean, look at what he said about the place, according to :

With a recipe dating back to 1956, JT Farnham's holds the key to delicious fried clams. By frying locally caught whole-belly clams to "just beyond canary yellow" it's amassed a huge fan base.

Another great place for Fried Clams is Woodman's of Essex, who says on their website that the founder of that restaurant invented the fried clam. But that's a story for another day.

Have you been to Farnham's?  Would you make the trip to go?  I would highly recommend it, along with Nick's Place in Raymond, New Hampshire, and Ken's Seafood in Scarborough, Maine.

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