I am so glad that I never had to be the one to ask someone to marry me, because dang, who wants that kind of pressure? There are so many factors to consider when choosing a location to ask someone to spend forever with you.

1) Is the location "Instagram-able"?

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Whether you love it or hate it, the biggest moments of your life are going to live on your social media profile until the end of time. So when you post that photo of you flaunting your new bling with the caption "I said yes!", you want to make sure there is something pretty in the background.

2) Is your significant other okay with a "public proposal"?

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There are people that want to be proposed to on the jumbotron at the Bruins game in front of 50,000 people, and there are people who want to be asked deep in the woods with no other human beings in sight. It would behoove you to get a sense of your partner's preference before choosing a location.

3) Does the location mean something to you as a couple? 

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Is it where you had your first date? Is it an activity you love to partake in together? The "how did he/she propose" is going to be story told for generations, so let's make it a good one!

Perhaps I am a little biased, but I think New Hampshire has so many scenic and meaningful places where one could propose. Are you an ocean lover? We have so many coastal spots that make for a gorgeous backdrop. Are you an avid hiker? We have no shortage of walking trails and stunning lookouts all over this great state.

We crowdsourced on our social media platforms to build the most epic list of proposal spots in New Hampshire. You don't even need to give us credit! But an invite to the wedding would be greatly appreciated.

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Thinking of popping the question? The Granite State makes for a gorgeous backdrop! Whether you are into the mountains, ocean, lakes, or lupine covered meadows, we have something for everyone. We heard from the people of New Hampshire to help us narrow down the top 25 spots to ask that very important question.

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